Zirconia Knife (Ceramic Knife)

Some Basic Facts about Production:

Almost all of us use knifes in the kitchen every day. In this article, you will become familiar with some of the technical aspects in the making of these knifes. Basically, knifes are made up of very tough ceramic material and in many cases zirconium dioxide (also known as zirconia) is used. The method of production is somehow simple as dry zirconia powder is pressed and then fired through solid-state sintering. After this process, the resultant blade is sharpened by the help of diamond-dust-coated grinding wheel. The edges of resultant blades are naturally very hard due to the hardness of zirconia itself which is 8.5 on Mohs scale. Therefore, the knife needs sharpening often.

Why Zirconia is used?

Zirconia (Zirconium dioxide) is used because of its polymorphism. In the production phase of knife, depending on the manufacturer, not only the pure zirconia is used as ceramic material, but there are some other materials like magnesium and calcium which are also used in step of high-temperature stabilisation. The ceramic properties of zirconia are already quite favourable for the process of making knife. However, the manufacturer can achieve even a better quality of the end product if he maintains a good quality throughout the process and uses appropriate methods of production. This improved quality product is called TTZ (transformation toughened zirconia). This TTZ surely proves to be best among all the knife materials.


There are several useful properties of ceramic knives which are as follows:

  • Zirconia knifes are non-magnetic and do not corrode in harsh environments.
  • If you are using zirconia knife at room temperature, it will surely conduct electricity.
  • It is resistant to strong acids and caustic substances as well.
  • These knifes have ability to retain the sharp cutting edge longer than the other metal knifes.
  • Zirconia knife is the best when used to cut meat, vegetables, fruits and bread. However, it works well only with soft materials because it may get damaged if used to cut any frozen or hard substance.


Although the above properties show that these knifes are the best and safe for use, but there are important precautions you must take to avoid any possible harm or damage. For that, keep in mind that:

  • Zirconia knifes are not easily detected by any metal detector. This increases its potential security risks in situations where you are not allowed to have any weapons.
  • They are very sensitive and may break if slipped. However, some manufacturers have already solved this problem by making strong coating material for knives.

For more information about ceramic materials, please visit http://www.samaterials.com/

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